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TixTaQ Tickets

General Terms and Conditions for Ticket Buyers

The following applies to the terms and conditions to purchase tickets via Tix TaQ or TixTaQ contracted channels (referred to as the "ticket shop"). The Ticketshop is provided by:

TixTaQ, the registered office address, is located at AIA Sathorn Tower, 11/1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand (referred to as the "Seller").

TixTaQ is a subsidiary of B-Concept Media Entertainment Group(opens in a new tab). TixTaQ distributes tickets for the Seller who is the promoter and wants to sell tickets via our platform, any contracted reseller, affiliate, or media channel that has received official permission to sell tickets on behalf of TixTaQ and act as primary ticket sellers. TixTaQ is the sole distributor for access via the ticket shop and has no decision power related to the events distributed on the platform. The ticket buyer must contact the ticket seller directly in case of any dispute.

When you register on the ticket shop as a user (from now on referred to as "Ticket Buyer"), you accept the following terms and conditions when buying your ticket.

1. As the Ticket Buyer, you are 18 years or older.

2. TIXTAQ facilitates the ticketing on behalf of the event organisers who use the technology and services. The Seller provides all information regarding these events, and TIXTAQ cannot be held liable for any changes regarding venue, date, price, or other event-related information, nor for the cancellation of an event.

3. If the Ticket Buyer wishes to order a ticket, he will have to go through the complete purchasing flow after clicking the get or buy ticket button. During this procedure, the Ticket Buyer will have to provide certain information required to deliver the ticket. The Ticket Buyer ensures that this information is correct and up to date. If requested, the ticket buyer adds the names of the persons for whom the buyer purchases a ticket.

4. TIXTAQ, on behalf of the Seller, is entitled to cancel the selling procedure if they have reason to doubt the accuracy of the information.

5. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges and accepts that it is technically impossible to achieve 100% availability of the Ticketshop. TIXTAQ will nevertheless make every effort to ensure constant website availability. Events related to maintenance, security, or capacity requirements and events beyond control, such as disruptions in public communication networks blackouts, may result in brief malfunctions or temporary suspensions of the services provided through the Ticketshop.

6. When the Ticket Buyer proceeds to purchase one or more tickets on TixTaQ or one of the sales channels, he agrees with the Seller's and our terms and conditions, ticketing and access control, cashless conditions and the organisation of the event. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges that TIXTAQ remains extraneous to this agreement. The Seller is the Ticket Buyer's only point of contact regarding the execution of this agreement. The Ticket Buyer accepts that besides these terms and conditions, other terms and conditions might apply to the Seller's event. TIXTAQ is not responsible for these conditions and terms and holds no liability in this respect. TIXTAQ does not bear the risk of the Seller's insolvency or will be liable for any refunds if the Seller has become insolvent or goes bankrupt.

7. By clicking on the "BUY TICKETS" button, the Ticket Buyer agrees to article 5. The agreement between the Ticket Buyer and the Seller shall become effective now that TIXTAQ confirms the purchase.

8. In the case of a cancelled event, the Ticket Buyer can only submit a claim for a refund of the paid ticket price against the respective Seller. If the Seller has confirmed TIXTAQ to manage repayments, TIXTAQ only refund tickets if the Seller has agreed to execute such a refund. Such requirements are regulated by law or, where applicable, by the terms and conditions of the Seller.

9. If he wants to, the Ticket Buyer may register with a password (where appropriate) so that TixTaQ stores data for any subsequent purchase or the consultation of previous orders. The Ticket Buyer shall keep his password secret. TIXTAQ shall not disclose the password to any third party.

10. It is technically impossible for TIXTAQ to determine with absolute certainty whether a registered user (Ticket Buyer or Seller) is the user whom he claims to be. Therefore, TIXTAQ does not bear any responsibility for the identity of a user. Every user is solely responsible for checking the user's identity with whom he gets into contact or who uses his account.

11. Only the Ticket Buyer is bound to pay the tickets, even when he buys the latter for a third party. You cannot resell or transfer tickets to third parties and take full responsibility for any legal consequences of reselling the tickets. You can not hold TIXTAQ under any circumstance liable for the effects of the resale.

12. The right of withdrawal does not exist since the Ticket Buyer allows the service by the immediate booking of the ticket. Therefore, every order of tickets becomes binding upon the order confirmation from TIXTAQ and obliges the Ticket Buyer to accept and pay the ordered tickets.

13. The offered payment methods may vary from event to event. The payment methods include credit cards, digital wallets, payment links and bank transfers. The Ticket Buyer cannot require any other payment methods from TIXTAQ or the Seller except those provided via the ticket shop.

14. You must pay the total amount plus ticket booking fees and additional costs if you pay your ticket by bank transfer and provide TixTaQ with a bank transfer slip covering your full name and contact details, the date of the event and the event name. Incomplete information provided might result in a delay in delivering tickets. If you purchase tickets via third-party sales channels, ticket fees charged can be higher.

15. TIXTAQ may refuse the order if the amount received, linked to the structured communication, does not match the previously sent payment instructions.

16. All sales and marketing copies, collected data, designs, images, floorplans, illustrations are the intellectual properties of the Seller, TixTaQ or subcontractors. It is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, sell or exploit this information and is strictly prohibited from publicising or sharing in public without the parties prior consent.

17. The Ticket Buyer may report activities of another user violating applicable laws and these terms and conditions by using the contact form, which is available through the Ticketshop.

18. TIXTAQ will securely handle the collected data and only be used for internal purposes. The ticket platform complies with all the applicable data security laws (Data protection laws for events organised in Thailand or any other country where the event takes place.

19. TIXTAQ shall not transmit nor expose the user's data to a third party without the user's authorisation. TixTaQ and its service providers take utmost care in protecting data; however, in the case of a security hack, the parties inform the ticket buyer with a request to change the password immediately and report this criminal act to the necessary organisations. TixTaQ will do its utmost best to reduce the damage but takes no financial responsibility in case this happens.

20. The Ticket Buyer accepts that personal data is collected, stored, used and processed through the platform and databases to process the order confirmation, tickets and other relevant information. These actions apply to all the data submitted at the time of the purchase, such as your name and address, info about your bank account, username, password, and IP address.

21. You can request to remove the data from our servers at any time if you do not want your data stored.

22. After purchasing tickets on behalf of third parties, the Ticket Buyer acknowledges that you have full permission to process the third party's data as provided in these terms and conditions.

23. TIXTAQ processes the personal data strictly following its privacy policy which you can check. The Seller processes the personal data following his privacy policy. The Ticket Buyer must take note of this and accept the privacy policy when purchasing.

24. The ticket buyer receives a confirmation order and e-ticket for each ticket purchased. We will send this to the registered email address. TIXTAQ can not take responsibility for not receiving tickets due to misspelling or submitting the wrong email address.

25. You must show the e-ticket bar or QR code at the door for entrance to the venue. You must make sure that you can show all the elements, such as name, QR/bar code, ID Card and proof of COVID vaccination, at the time of entrance.

26. The TixTaQ or Seller Staff can refuse the ticket buyer, or its guests access to the event if: doubt exists about the accuracy of the information. The ID card is expired, or the information on the ID card is different from the information shown on the ticket or if you can not provide proof of complete vaccination.

27. Each bar / QR code on the ticket is only valid once unless otherwise indicated.

28. We can only guarantee the authenticity of the e-ticket if you completed the purchase through the Ticketshop. The Ticket Buyer should remain vigilant about so-called 'opportunities' offered by third parties or purchasing tickets through secondary ticket channels.

29. We do not accept responsibility if the ticket buyer submits incorrect data input during the order processing, such as ordering the wrong number of tickets or the type of event.

30. The cancellation of an order and the ticket exchange is possible, but only after receiving the Seller's explicit consent who organises the event in question. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges that this refund obligation only applies to the Seller and that TIXTAQ, being the mere provider of the platform, has no liability in this respect.

31. We do not make a refund if the Ticket Buyer cancels the ticket unless the Seller has otherwise decided. If the Seller accepts a refund, we will deduct 200 Thai Baht administration costs and bank transfer costs from the total amount.

32. If the Seller postpones the event, tickets remain valid if the Seller agrees to a refund or receives a full refund.

33. We charge administration costs for submitting withholding tax receipts plus charge each time for mailing or messenger costs. If the ticket buyer acts on behalf of a company and requires withholding tax, you must inform TixTaQ before purchasing your tickets. We cannot release withholding tax receipts after completing your ticket purchase.

34. The Ticket Buyer agrees to follow strict health and safety regulations to prevent infections and limit the spreading of any viruses at events. You agree to follow any additional rules that apply to the event you buy tickets.

You and your guests must have two vaccinations or one shot of Johnsson and Johnsson. You and your guests agree to follow all the staff requests and regulations applicable at the event or venue from the Seller or TIXTAQ.

35. TIXTAQ professionally provides its services but does not guarantee that these services will be uninterrupted or error-free. For direct damage suffered on the grounds of both contractual and non-contractual liability, the general liability limits maximum to own risk that applies in the insurance policy unless the insurance company accepts the claim. TIXTAQ can never be held liable for indirect damage, such as the loss of a ticket-buying opportunity or any missed event because for this reason.

36. The Ticket Buyer may submit notifications to TIXTAQ using the contact form provided on the Website. TIXTAQ may send messages to the Ticket Buyer by email via the email address indicated in the contact details of the Ticket Buyer's account.

37. Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become wholly or partially invalid or void, the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall remain fully in force.

38. The law of Thailand shall govern the terms and conditions and the contractual relationship of the ticket purchase.